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Mortgage Calculator

It’s always important to know what a property is going to cost you. If you have the basic info about the property you like, you can find out what your payment will be by entering the info here.


Kyle uses quickbooks for all of his properties, businesses, and personal finances. You can track and separate things by many different categories, classes, locations, etc. It also pulls directly from all major bank accounts so you don’t have to manually enter in any of your expenses. Check it out here.

Property Search

Search for any properties! You can also set up automatic notifications so you get properties emailed to you that fit your criteria immediately when they hit the market. Check it out right here.

Property Records

It is very important to do all of your due diligence prior to the release of your contingencies when in escrow, and, in many cases, before you even write an offer. Checking with the City Building Department for any building records for work done or violations can help to confirm suspicions, expose issues, or simply verify information given to you by the seller. Simply do a google search for the city your property is in such as “Long Beach Buidling Records” and you should be able to find their database. Feel free to reach out to Kyle if you are unable to find it. Some cities require you to physically go to the department to get access to their records.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are expensive, but unfortunately, you have to pay them. Make sure you are always up to date and never late. You can check the amount and status of your tax for LA County here.